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Monster Truck Fans, you've seen them on TV, now it's time to see them in person! This is the Renegade Rundown, where you can learn about everything the Renegade Monster Truck Tour has to offer during one of our action packed events! Featuring over two hours of horsepower driven, family-fun entertainment, each Renegade Monster Truck Tour event is sure to leave you in awe of the mechanical marvels you'll watch compete for points and bragging rights through a series of challenging and exciting competitions. In over 12,000lb Monster Trucks that are powered by an over 1,500hp blown-alcohol motor that turns 66" tires.


Each event houses its own chase for a Championship. The Renegade's are chasing the Overall Event Championship. The Overall Event Champion is the Renegade that can be the best and most consistent throughout the entire event. They are awarded points for each competition they compete in. Points are accumulated across all the competitions, the Renegade with the most points accumulated at the conclusion of the event will be crowned the Overall Event Champion. The Overall Event Champion will take home the trophy as well fly the checkered Renegade Overall Event Championship flag that the other competitors must chase at the following event.

overall event championship



We know what they're after, now it's time to see what they have to go through in pursuit of the Overall Event Championship. The Monster Trucks and drivers will compete in at least 3 competitions. Competitions that are vastly different and each take their own unique skill set. It is a battle of skill and endurance. They must master each of these unique competitions in order to come out on top as the Overall Event Champion. The competitions you may see at your Renegade Monster Truck Tour event.

best trick competition

The event kicks off with the Best Trick Competition. It is the ultimate battle of both man and machine. Each Renegade Monster Truck and Driver take their turn to make 2 attempts to successfully complete the Best Trick they can produce. Tricks can be many different things that test different skills such as Slap-Wheelies, Sky Wheelies, Donuts, Big Air, Bicycles, Stoppies, Moonwalks, and more! Each truck will be judged on both of their attempts by our professional judges, the judges will judge on a criteria of Creativity, Duration of the trick, Style of the trick, Trick's level of success, and Completion of both attempts. The Renegade with the highest score will secure the most points in the hunt for the Overall Event Championship.



Timed-Racing is a race against the clock. A competition that makes the drivers tame a 12,000lb and 1,500hp Monster Truck around a tricky timed-racing course layout. Raw speed isn't always the key, it's who can navigate the course the smoothest and set their corners up the best to clock in the best time. Each Renegade will get 2 opportunities to put down their fastest time on the timed-racing course. Each Renegade's fastest time will be the one taken into consideration. The Renegade with the fastest time overall will be the Timed-Racing winner, thus earning themselves the most points towards the Overall Event Championship. 

SIDE-BY-side racing

The Side-By-Side Racing competition is the only competition where you will see 2 Renegade Monster Trucks competing on track at ONE TIME for a total of over 3,000hp. It is a bracket style racing competition, in which trucks will be eliminated 1 by 1 until there are 2 final Renegades standing. The final 2 will finish the bracket in a grudge-match race to see who can be the fastest Renegade of the event. The Side-By-Side racing competition adds a unique mind element, in which they can see their competitor either beating them or losing to them which can cause them to make a crucial error. The last truck standing in the bracket will take the Side-By-Side Racing win and earn the most points for the Overall Event Championship.



The Donut competition is dizzying competition. It is a unique competition based around 1 trick, the donut. The perfect Donut is set up by a lot of timing and throttle control from the Renegade Monster Truck Drivers. The track surfaces also vary from show to show which adds a unique and tricky element to the Donut competition. The Donut Competition is a scored competition and is scored on the criteria of Style of the Donut, Speed of the Donut, Duration of the Donut, and the amount of Revolutions. The Renegade with the highest score will be the Donut Competition winner and earn the most points towards the Overall Event Championship.


We save the best for last, it's the fan favorite- Freestyle! It's unhinged, unplanned, wild, and crazy carnage. Unlike other Monster Truck organizations the Renegade Freestyle competition has NO rules and NO time limit. Each Renegade can do whatever they want for as long as they want. You will see the Renegades do Wheelies, Stoppies, Big Air, Cross Threads, Donuts, Backflips, and More in their pursuit of being the Freestyle Winner. Renegade Freestyle is a scored competition in which our professional judges will score on a criteria of Duration of run, Creativity, Big Air, Amount of Hits, Momentum, and Using all the Obstacles. The Renegade with the highest score will take the Freestyle win and receive the final points for the Overall Event Championship

QuadAtkokomo for SpiceCover_edited.jpg

In addition to the excitement of the 12,000lb and 1,500hp Monster Trucks. The Renegade Monster Truck Tour events will often feature an additional form of Motorsports entertainment. There is a wide variety of unique and thrilling aspects that you might witness at the Renegade Monster Truck Tour. Entertainment such as



The Renegade Freestyle Motocross team is a death-defying and high thrill duo. They will join the Monsters on the track at 2 different times during the event. They will fly over 70 feet through the air, completely shattering anything you though was impossible. Their first round will be their warm up where they make some test hits to make sure the ramp setup is set to perfection. After that they will compete in their own Best Trick Competition. They, like the Monsters will each take 2 turns flying through the air and busting out their most impressive trick possible. However they aren't competing for points instead they strictly want bragging rights over the other one. Best part is YOU the fans decide the winner in a crowd cheer off.


Quad Wars racing is an intense team battle of Quad Racing. 2 Teams from rivaling states will compete for the Renegade Quad Wars title and bragging rights for their Home State. It's high-speed, handle bar to handle bar, bumping, rubbing action. Things might even get a little dirty as they compete in multiple rounds of Quad Racing in their pursuit for the title.

Quad Wars.png
Renegade Road Rippers Final Logo.PNG

The Renegade Road Rippers are sup'ed up off road street hot rods. They will compete in a Timed-Racing competition and/or a Side-By-Side paint swapping Bracket Racing competition. To see who can take home bragging rights, the purse money and be titled the fastest Renegade Road Ripper.


The Renegade Mini-Monster Trucks are 1/2 and 1/3 scale Monster Trucks. They feature all the characteristics of their full-size counterparts just on a smaller scale. The Mini-Monster Trucks are driven by Kids ages 7 years old all the way up to 16 years old. 

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