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"The Renegade Monster Truck show held at Kokomo Speedway was nothing short of spectacular from beginning to end. The communication in preparing for the event was smooth, the set up by the Renegade group was amazing, the customers came out in groves, and the final cleanup was spotless. Everyone at the event had a great time, the entertainment on the track as well as the fun that the announcers provided in the stands was awesome. We can’t wait to have them back at Kokomo Speedway."

The O'Connor Family - Owners


“For more than a decade we considered a Monster Truck event at Selinsgrove Speedway. The wait was well worth it when we partnered with the Renegade Monster Truck Tour to host a show. The speedway’s first-ever promotion of this kind was a big success, selling out in less than a month! The Renegade crew handled all the details and brought the real, thundering Monster Trucks to Selinsgrove for a professional and entertaining show! You clearly see first-hand promoting these events is their passion. And most importantly, everyone will have a great time at your venue with the Renegade Monster Truck Tour!”

Steve Inch - General Manager


"My personal observations were that the planning for the show and execution of the event was well-managed and met my expectations in every way. From the time that I first spoke with the Renegade Monster Truck team about a Monster Truck Show at our fair, I felt confident that we were working with an honorable and professional organization . This has proven to be the case. I commend your efforts and appreciate the commitment that their entire team put into the Renegade Monster Truck Show at our fair for over 10 years."

Marty Svreck - Fair Director


"Renegade Monster Truck Tour has been a HUGE upgrade to our Monster Truck events at Seekonk Speedway. Their drivers and quality of equipment ensure that your fans will get the exciting action packed show they came for! The Renegade team interacts with our staff and fans in a professional and engaging manor, that coupled with some awesome driving skills on the course makes them my go-to team for Monster Trucks for the last several years and going forward!"

Ed St. Germain - General Manager

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"From the moment the Renegade staff stepped on the grounds, they were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and their top priority was safety.  They came well ahead of time to set up and strategize for the show.  Everyone felt ready for the show and all of our fair board members were very pleased with how professional and talented the entire crew was.  When show night came our gates were flooded.  People started saving seats ahead of time.  The Monster Ride Truck was a huge hit with event goers. They put all of the trucks out front an hour before the show with drivers for autographs and pictures, which was a great opportunity for our fans. Both shows were totally packed and thrilling. Our guests loved it, we loved it, and we've had dozens of requests to bring them back. We'd HIGHLY recommend Renegade Monster Trucks to anyone!"

Marilyn Hunter - Entertainment Director


"What a fantastic event! I cant say enough about the organization of every piece and the collaboration with all the various county services.

The only comments that we heard were VERY positive - and the way you held everyone, including yourselves, accountable was a true example of how we wish other hosts would act.

Thank you for choosing the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds. We really look forward to working with you and your event again in the future!"

Martin Hardy - Director of Rentals 

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